Our Capabilities


Mr. Ayvazi offers the unique opportunity to work with a lawyer who understands the importance of spending a significant amount of time with clients, personally assessing their needs. Each client receives the benefit of his expertise through one-on-one consultations with Mr. Ayvazi directly. The construction and real estate industries are highly specialized fields, and Mr. Ayvazi knows the ins and outs of real estate and construction which enables him to utilize his knowledge in these areas to provide quality, cost-effective representation for his clients. Mr. Ayvazi’s goal is to collaborate with the client and the client’s management team, to ensure that the best strategy is employed. Sharing knowledge with other professionals gives him an advantage and provides his clients the security of knowing the task at hand will be completed with optimal outcomes. Ayvazi’s practical experience with the real estate and construction business operations gives him critical insight and allows him to utilize preventive approaches.

Mr. Ayvazi believes in placing a great deal of emphasis on preventing legal problems, and offers a proactive approach to his clients. His Construction Management and Real Estate background has enabled him to offer the kind of specialized direction that is necessary in such a specialized market. His knowledge in contract negotiation, claim resolution, dispute, mediation, litigation and arbitration of real estate & construction matters enables him to properly and adequately assess the risks for his clients. Mr. Ayvazi also holds the Construction Risk and Insurance Specialist (CRIS) designation. By identifying risk management and allocation issues early, he evaluates the risks initially, to prevent unnecessary expenses and delays for his clients.

Though his main focus is construction and real estate, Mr. Ayvazi recognizes that every client should have a professional on their management team to provide them with valid arguments for and against an issue. Mr. Ayvazi speaks Farsi and Armenian. He is able to discuss the legal issues with outside or in-house counsel without having any bias for personal interest or gains, he is the “trouble shooter” for clients willing to invest in prevention, while minimizing their exposure risk by cleaning and closing outstanding issues for the benefit of all parties involved.

Top Practice Areas


Rafik Ayvazi is experienced in construction-related transactional work and is dedicated to protecting the rights and interests of his clients in the construction industry.

Real Estate

Any individual or business entering into real estate transactions needs an attorney with significant experience and skills in real estate law who can guide them through the process and protect the individual or business from unforeseen difficulties, helping prevent future litigation.

Risk Management

The characteristics of each construction project is complex and unique. Decision making and uncertainty raise risks from a number of sources, many of which are not under the direct control of project participants.