Risk Management

The characteristics of each construction project is complex and unique. Decision making and uncertainty raise risks from a number of sources, many of which are not under the direct control of project participants. Construction projects have a reputation of failing to meet the deadlines and cost targets, so identifying the risks are important to both contractors and the business for whom they work with. As a Risk Manager Lawyer, Rafik Ayvazi can ensure that those risks are minimized so that you can protect your business from unnecessary claims.

Controlling and minimizing risk is the basis for risk management. Whether it is Real Estate Risk Management or Construction Risk Management, in each case, the Law Offices of Rafik Ayvazi’s goal is to meet with the client, and the client’s management team, to identify the potential problems in advanace so appropriate risk management strategies can be implemented to avoid losses. The objective is to anticipate the risks that may arise during the preconstruction phase and determine the appropriate means of resolving these risks through the contracting process. Mr. Ayvazi meets with project engineers, project managers, foremen, and superintendents to fully understand each issue on a variety of levels. When necessary, Mr. Ayvazi does not hesitate to utilize the consultation services of other professionals to fulfill his client’s needs. Sharing knowledge with other professionals gives him an advantage and provides his clients the security of knowing the task at hand will be completed right the first time. Mr. Ayvazi assists clients in analyzing the risks of litigating considering, cost, distraction from regular business, personal trauma, time, and the effect of the litigation on other business interests and relationships. Identifying the risks early is the key towards avoiding unnecessary litigation and preventing losses and delays. Mr. Ayvazi ‘s practical experience with real estate and construction business operations, gives him critical insight and allows him to utilize preventive approaches – which tend to maximize the impact of the dollars the clients spend on legal services. Mr. Ayvazi’s knowledge of the real estate and construction industry minimizes the dollars that clients need to spend educating Mr. Ayvazi about their needs and problems. Rafik Ayvazi speaks Farsi and Armenian.