Real Estate

Transactional Work

Any individual or business entering into real estate transactions needs an attorney with significant experience and skills in real estate law who can guide them through the process and protect the individual or business from unforeseen difficulties, helping prevent future litigation. Rafik Ayvazi offers real estate services to a diverse clientele including developers, landlords, tenants, and businesses.

Commercial and residential real estate transactions require a detail-oriented and experienced approach of a real estate attorney. If you are a business owner looking to purchase property, you should ensure that you understand all of your rights and obligations prior to signing a purchase agreement or other contracts related to your investment. Having a lawyer specializing in real estate transactional work and litigation will ensure the protection of your legal and financial interests in the future.

Rafik Ayvazi will successfully advise and represent you regarding significant commercial real estate transactions that are substantial investments whether you are purchasing or leasing a commercial property, or dealing with a subsequent claim or lawsuit.


All types of real estate disputes, including purchase and sale contracts, partnership disputes, claims involving breach of fiduciary duty, commission disputes, sale of property or commercial tenant leasing, property insurance, design and construction defects or boundaries, require provisional litigation expertise to resolve.

Often real estate transactions are very complex and involve large sums of money. Rafik Ayvazi knows how important it is to explore all your options when you are involved in a real estate dispute in order to find the best solution. In case a dispute cannot be resolved through negotiation or mediation, he is ready to defend clients’ positions in arbitration or court by filing the necessary pleading promptly and efficiently.

Rafik Ayvazi litigates for clients in all aspects of the industry, including buyers, sellers and owners of real property, private investors, commercial tenants, landlords, real estate and mortgage brokers, sales agents and contractors and lenders. He is a real estate litigation lawyer practicing in Los Angeles, California and has been a real estate broker since 1984 and has an unparalleled understanding of all practical aspects real estate transactions.

Rafik Ayvazi is highly respected by clients involved in real estate-related litigation who demand the very best representation and expect superior client service. He has the skills and experience to achieve the most favorable outcomes for his clients.


The real estate market is emerging and changing at a very rapid pace. Businesses increasingly need lawyers with legal, financial, and technical expertise. Rafik Ayvazi believes in providing clear-cut practical advice to his clients, which matches their unique case, only after a thorough analysis of their needs. The competitive advantage of real estate consulting provided by him lies in his deep understanding and broad practical experience in the field.

Contact Rafik Ayvazi if you need consulting about any commercial or residential real estate transactions from the closing of a home purchase to the renegotiation of retail lease terms. The ability to find fresh, nonstandard solutions, professionalism and responsibility in relations with the client, are the key factors in Rafik Ayvazi’s success. Rafik Ayvazi speaks Farsi and Armenian.